Inspiration Longevity

Six years ago I had a "moment in the sun".

I won American Gladiators in honor of my late mother who lost her battle to cancer. It was bittersweet, emotionally profound, and incredibly thrilling.

A small media whirlwind ensued. I received an influx of Facebook followers, appeared in Muscle & Fitness magazine, and even got to be on The Today Show.

I had always craved a life that inspired others. And in that moment it was happening.

Shortly after Tim Oliphant won Season 2. Then, sadly, Gladiators didn't get renewed for a third season. The moment faded.

American Ninja Warrior found me holed-up in Chicago recovering from an unhealthy relationship. I grabbed hold of this second chance to "inspire people" and charged full speed through qualifiers, placed Top Ten at boot camp, and travelled to Japan with Team America.

I fell in Stage 1.

Anti. Climactic.

Here's what I've learned since blasting across the finish line at Gladiator Arena:

"Moments" are powerful catalysts. However "moments" are insufficient for "inspiration longevity".

When I speak at schools and tell students "Raise your hand if you've heard of American Gladiators"... ZERO hands go up.

I appreciate and seek out pinnacle moments, but I live for the mission:

To equip people with an arsenal of faculties (mental, physical and emotional) that will unleash the most exciting, successful and wildly influential version of themselves.

Here's what I recommend: Identify a pinnacle moment in your life and turn it into a specific mission. Write it down.

Don't be distraught if your mission is unclear. Life has an ebb and flow. My worldview has evolved over time and so has my mission. It has (and always will be) a work in progress. That said, don't wait for it to become clear. Seek one out!

I'll dive more into developing your personal arsenal in future posts. For now, know that training for your mission is critical. It also positions and prepares you for pinnacle moments. 

The best version of yourself begins with a clear picture of purpose. It's time to get after it!