Evan Dollard is a nationally-recognized host and personality who got his start on television by climbing and jousting his way to a championship title on NBC's American Gladiators. He leveraged his fame as "The Rocket" to become a five-time fan favorite of NBC’s smash hit American Ninja Warrior.

He quickly earned a reputation in the active lifestyle space as an authority on fitness, overcoming obstacles, and grabbing life by the balls. As Esquire Network's Well Trained Warrior, he gives fans tips and strategy on completing the world’s toughest obstacle course. Evan is also co-host of ESPN’s BattleFrog College Championship providing color commentary, obstacle overviews and demos.

The Chicago native turned Los Angeles transplant is trilled to host NBC's competitive reality show, Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge to provide live commentary from the field as teams of everyday athletes battle against the course--and each other--to win $250,000. 

HOSTING: Paul Barrutia | Commercial Talent (818) 505-1431

COMMERCIAL: Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited (323) 654-6555

APPEARANCES: evan@evandollard.com