Evan Dollard is a comedy actor and writer that moonlights as a nationally-recognized TV host.

Sure, he got his start on television by jousting his way to a championship on NBC's American Gladiators. And yes, Evan paraded around shirtless on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior for six seasons... But who's counting??

When he's not hosting NBC’s Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge and ESPN 2's BattleFrog College Championship, Evan creates original comedy projects like Reps, Day Drinkers, and Insta Fame. He also lends his chops to high-profile commercial clients such as Miller Lite, Alfa Romeo, and Arctic Zero.

In summary… If you replace "dancing" with "writing" and "singing" with "hosting"... you have a triple-threat on your hands. So. Go with that.

HOSTING: Paul Barrutia | Commercial Talent (818) 505-1431

COMMERCIAL: Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited (323) 654-6555

APPEARANCES: evan@evandollard.com